Light Your Life Scholarship Initiative

We are setting up a scholarship for second chances. For young men and women who have made mistakes, but are trying to get on their feet. Help us help them so that no one else falls through those cracks again.

You will be directed to the OCCF Donation Site. In the first block called "fund name" you must type in "Light Your Life Scholarship Initiative".

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Have you ever met a teenager who...

... wasn't sure where he fit in? Like he has some cool characteristics but doesn't seem to quite connect. A perpetual outsider who gets along with everyone but always feels like he is having to prove himself. Luke was scientifically classified as a bad apple or black sheep. Really he was just misunderstood and acted out, kind of like a self-fulfilling prophecy.


This website will give you a little history about Luke Sinclair, but only in order to inspire you to help the next kid like Luke. He is in prison serving a life sentence for first degree murder; something that could have been avoided had he not slipped through the cracks.

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See how Luke's story connects with the purpose of the Light Your Life Scholarship Initiative.

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Luke's Latest Article

Here you can learn more about Luke's story or get his take on an array of subjects including faith, family, education, and music.

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Luke's Latest Letter

There are a lot of folks who are witness to the changes that have taken place in Luke. You can read their testimonies here.

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Get all the details about the backstory and how candidates can qualify.