Part 3: The Final Crime

After 3 years... Hawaii, Sinclair was transferred to Ft. Sill outside Lawton, OK. This was the darkest time in his life. He was alone again, with a strong desire to get out of the Army.  He had old friends in OKC who were drug dealers and gang members. He carried a stolen pistol in his truck at all times and had a chip on his shoulder.


One night after work he and some new acquaintances went to a strip club on the outskirts of town.  Afterward one of the guys he was with said he wanted to rob a particular man in the parking lot, so Luke handed him the pistol. The guy got scared and gave the gun back. Luke didn’t think much of it, but when they were heading out of the parking lot, music blaring, he decided he would rob the man himself.  He was proving himself once again. The robbery went bad. The man grabbed the gun that Luke pointed at him. Luke squeezed the trigger as he pulled the gun away. The man was dying, Luke could see it.  In a panic he shot the man again and left him for dead. Darkness had won. There was no more light. Luke was broken.

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He was ultimately tried, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison for the First Degree Murder of James Robbins. Luke was 22 years old.